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Cost Effective & More!

New Goals Require New Thinking and New Behavior!!

I constantly hear from people "I don't have extra money" or
"those types of things are expensive" or "I love food!"
Those comments come from a mindset of habit, processing the
wrong information and not looking at the big picture.

Believe me, I understand and have had those thoughts and more,
  at one time or another. But then I did my homework, learned
the truth and changed my habits, behaviors and thinking.
It took me 7 years!
My job is to educate you and shorten your
learning curve while getting you faster results that last.

Here is the reality!
1. Think about how much money you spend on food
that is not supportive to your goals. And I'm
even talking about "healthy" food.
A sandwich for lunch can cost as much as $7 or more!
That's more expensive than 2 complete meal shakes which
will provide more nutrients and help you to lose fat and
keep muscle. The sandwich won't.

So I have to ask? Which is more important to you right now?
That sandwich want or the meal shake you need to
change your body at the cellular level so you
can eat and process that sandwich properly
in the future? The Big Picture!

2. As you see above, you would have to spend over $21 to get
the same nutritious value from food that you do from one
COMPLETE meal shake.

In 2007, I tried to eat organically before I specifically sought out
Shaklee for my own needs and my clients.
It was going to cost me between $1250-$1500/month to eat.
NOT happening!

With a full 180 turnaround kit, if that is what you need,
you get 60 meals, snacks, tea, workouts, recipes,
supportive emails, dietary guidelines, prizes, free products
  and more for $269/month..that's  about $9/day.
The Big Picture!


Or the Lean & Healthy Kit for providing your body with nutrients
it needs and a supportive health meal for about $5/day

3. So this isn't about extra money.  This is about saving money.
It's about changing your behaviors on how you spend money,
while focusing on the supportive nutrition that will change
your body at the cellular level and help you achieve
your goals now and into the future.
Yes, Another Big Picture!

4. If you know me, I LOVE food aslo. And I have not given
up any food for the rest of my life.  Did I eliminate or back off
things that were keeping me from my goals while trying to change
my body? Absolutely! Why would I sabotage my progress??

But after changing and improving at the cellular level which
translated to a change of my body on the outside, I then
started to enjoy anything from a healthy salad to loaded nachos.

Once your body has changed and you have developed a proper
nutritionally supportive program, if you do good most of
the time, some of the time doesn't matter.

Why a shake in addition to food?
You have seen this chart on several of my nutrition pages and
it's self explanatory. Our bodies are not getting what it needs
in order to function properly.  The picture above shows the
benefit of incorporating a balanced meal shake into your program.

The 180 programs have been scientifically designed to help you succeed
with your wellness goals but also for your convenience in a hectic world.
One of the biggest variables of why people don't succeed is TIME.
Lack of time leads to poor choices or choosing nothing at all. These
programs also help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together properly.

Contact us here to start your program now!

168-170 Broadway          Newport RI, 02840          401.862.0276

"It's the best three hours of my week! T3 Fitness has been the answer for me.  Shortly after beginning with Brian, I began to see changes in my body. I actually had muscles in my arms!"
~Greer S.: age 52

"Plain and Simply: Brian has a great approach- he has the education and experience to help anyone out. I went to him with some specific goals which were ambitious and he was able to help develop a plan that fit my schedule which includes a lot of travel."
~Justin: age 39

"It started off as a way to have my almost 60 year old husband commit to exercise.  I knew (because it's easier to see solutions to other people's problems) that he needed
a partner (me) to be on his way to excellent health.  What I didn't realize was the enormous benefit to me."

~Karen S.: age 58


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