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New Goals Require New Thinking and New Behavior!!

As you may have noticed by now I have designed my website around
education.  Being a teacher since 1990 and a lifelong learner, I am a
firm believer in "knowledge is power".

I also am privileged to have access to and be educated weekly by
a team of extremely experienced nutritionist, cancer researchers,
biochemists, professors of nutrition and much more.  All of these
people have established themselves as respected professionals in
their respective careers and sought out Shaklee to help improve
the health of everyone they try to help.

This section will grow over time and continue to provide you with
information that is scienfically proven to be safe and beneficial to
improving your immediate and long-term health.

In Good Health!

Contact us here to start your program now!

168-170 Broadway                        Newport RI, 02840                                  401.862.0276

"It's the best three hours of my week! T3 Fitness has been the answer for me.  Shortly after beginning with Brian, I began to see changes in my body. I actually had muscles in my arms!"
~Greer S.: age 52

"Plain and Simply: Brian has a great approach- he has the education and experience to help anyone out. I went to him with some specific goals which were ambitious and he was able to help develop a plan that fit my schedule which includes a lot of travel."
~Justin: age 39

"It started off as a way to have my almost 60 year old husband commit to exercise.  I knew (because it's easier to see solutions to other people's problems) that he needed
a partner (me) to be on his way to excellent health.  What I didn't realize was the enormous benefit to me."

~Karen S.: age 58


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