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General Nutrition

New Goals Require New Thinking and New Behavior!!

General Nutrition
Nutrition is a simple concept, however it escapes more than
90% of us. The basics of living off nature has been destroyed
by the conveniences of food manufacturing and the crazy lives
we engage in with respect to over-scheduling ourselves.  The
end result is we deny our bodies the proper amounts of raw
materials, fuel & building blocks it needs not to just look good
but to function properly.

T3 Fitness Nutritional Program

The program I recommend has been constructed by a team of
nutritionists and scientists to provide you with all the nutrients
your body needs to be fit and healthy.  It is designed to provide
you with energy you need to get you through your day, to trim
the fat you don't want and to retain and tone the muscles you
do want. 

Equally it has been designed for each individuals lifestyle in mind,
for women or men, younger or older. Recipes, meal plans, success
tools, tracking software, mobile apps, and more are all provided
and in place for your success. The only thing it takes to succeed is
your willingness to DO!


A Quick Thought
Scroll back to the top of this page for a moment. This saying is at
the top of every one of my pages for a reason.Although nutrition
is the most important part of your program to change your body
and improve your health, the most critical part of this equation
happens in about 6 inches of space...that is the space between
your ears! If you do not start thinking differently, you will not
start behaving differently and you will not achieve your goals.


Nutrition 101

The simplicity of nutrition is this:
Your meals, snacks and supplement meals
a MEAL shake, not a protein shake) must contain:
There are scientific reasons these components must be part of your
eating habits and within proportion to each other. So when you create
your meals from what you see in the pictures above, with the majority
of your meal coming from raw whole foods, complimented by a lean
protein and a nice healthy carbohydrate/starch, you are on your way
to changing your body.  Within those foods is where vitamins and
minerals are contained.

However as I shared on the main nutrition page, this simple table
containing information from the Journal of American College of
Nutrition shows we are not getting everything we need from food
for our bodies and more importantly our health to function at our
optimal levels.

Contact us here to start your program now!

168-170 Broadway                                    Newport RI, 02840                                  401.862.0276

"It's the best three hours of my week! T3 Fitness has been the answer for me.  Shortly after beginning with Brian, I began to see changes in my body. I actually had muscles in my arms!"
~Greer S.: age 52

"Plain and Simply: Brian has a great approach- he has the education and experience to help anyone out. I went to him with some specific goals which were ambitious and he was able to help develop a plan that fit my schedule which includes a lot of travel."
~Justin: age 39

"It started off as a way to have my almost 60 year old husband commit to exercise.  I knew (because it's easier to see solutions to other people's problems) that he needed
a partner (me) to be on his way to excellent health.  What I didn't realize was the enormous benefit to me."

~Karen S.: age 58


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