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New Goals Require New Thinking and New Behavior!!

Our country has not only the highest rate of overweight
and obese people in the world BUT we also spend the
most on health care out of 31 countries yet rank 24th
for life expectancy and 30th in infant mortality!!!

"The Science behind Lean & Healthy"
presented by my friend and colleague Dr. Stephen Chaney.

Let me start by saying, no YELLING, that calories ARE our friend,
but can also be our enemy! Just like a car needs gas to run, our body
needs calories to energize us,
fuel our muscles, burn fat, grow healthy
cells, hair, nails, produce blood, grow stronger bones and much more. 
The more engine/muscles you have, the more gas/calories your body
needs to function properly and burn fat.

When eating "clean" the foods you see above are what you
should be enjoying for your healthy meals.  A
rainbow of fresh fruits
and vegetables, lean healthy proteins and nice clean whole grains.
This is nothing you don't know! Every person I speak with knows
yet every person I talk to still has the challenge of doing it.
Or if they think they are doing the right thing they are frustrated
because their body still will not change or has hit a plateau!



Watch my presentation "Stop the Confusion" to learn more.

Some issues we come up against are out of our control.  The
manufacturing of food over the last 50 years has done some
serious damage to our health and our weight

There can be many other reasons which I will discuss
with you individually during your wellness audit.
Click here to contact me for your audit!

Another reason is
no fault of your own as you can see
in the study below from the Journal of America College
of Nutrition.  I explain this more in my presentation under
the education section: "Stop the Confusion".


A BIGGER reason I have come to realize, thru working or talking
with thousands of people, is TIME.  When time is short you may
grab something convienent and unsupportive toward your goal
or worse, you don't grab anything at all! 

I have seen and analzyed both of these reasons all too
often in my fitness and wellness clients.

So in 2007 I developed a fool proof program in order to insure
you get the nutrients your body needs and in turn help to change
your body into a fat burning machine vs a fat storing machine.
This puts you on the path to the body you want!
My program also helps to increase your energy to get you through
your day (no more 3 pm crash), helps to lower stress and reduce
abdominal fat by controlling blood sugars and cortisol levels, and
it even helps to fight off illness. If you understand that our bodies
function and change at the cellular level, you will understand
I also explain this more in my presentation:
"Stop the Confusion".

Contact us here to start your program now!

168-170 Broadway                                   Newport RI, 02840                                   401.862.0276

"It's the best three hours of my week! T3 Fitness has been the answer for me.  Shortly after beginning with Brian, I began to see changes in my body. I actually had muscles in my arms!"
~Greer S.: age 52

"Plain and Simply: Brian has a great approach- he has the education and experience to help anyone out. I went to him with some specific goals which were ambitious and he was able to help develop a plan that fit my schedule which includes a lot of travel."
~Justin: age 39

"It started off as a way to have my almost 60 year old husband commit to exercise.  I knew (because it's easier to see solutions to other people's problems) that he needed
a partner (me) to be on his way to excellent health.  What I didn't realize was the enormous benefit to me."

~Karen S.: age 58


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