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Why Diets Fail You!

New Goals Require New Thinking and New Behavior!!

The vicious diet cycle below illustrates why the typical
American, who needs to lose weight, on average, will attempt
4 diets per year. This cycle is indicative of quick weight loss
programs or low calorie food diets.
This is the Yo-Yo effect.

Be sure to take a few moments to watch the presentation
below these illustrations for a deeper understanding of the
3 things a successful diet must do
by my friend and colleague,
Dr. Stephen Chaney*.

Let's take a look at the cycle above thru a graphic below to
show you what is happening during a low calorie diet.

During the weight loss/famine response, for every 12 lbs lost,
you lose 5 lbs of muscle, which in turn = a slower metabolism!
Since you are starving your body you are forcing it to go into
survival mode and it instinctively will store fat for long-term
survival/energy and break down your muscle for immediate
energy needs! Watch the short video below for an explanation
of how your body functions.

Now during your feast response, since you have destroyed your
metabolism, your body stores more fat because you don't have
the muscle to burn the calories you are consuming. Your body
is also storing fat to guard against the famine response again.

In this graph by Dr. Wayne Westcott, you can see this in a more
scientific way. By destroying your muscle tissue, you destroy your
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).  A common "complaint" I hear
from people is "I don't have a metabolism!".
You can see why they, or perhaps you, don't.


My friend and colleague Dr. Stephen Chaney* does a wonderful job
with this presentation to help you understand how your body functions
during diets and how we are "wired" to process food, store fat and more.

3 Things Your Diet Must Do!

*Dr. Chaney is a retired (2011) professor of Biochemistry &
Biophysics from the UNC Chapel Hill Medical Department. He has
accumulated numerous awards for his teaching including, in 2012,
the Lifetime Achievement Award in Medical Education.

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"It's the best three hours of my week! T3 Fitness has been the answer for me.  Shortly after beginning with Brian, I began to see changes in my body. I actually had muscles in my arms!"
~Greer S.: age 52

"Plain and Simply: Brian has a great approach- he has the education and experience to help anyone out. I went to him with some specific goals which were ambitious and he was able to help develop a plan that fit my schedule which includes a lot of travel."
~Justin: age 39

"It started off as a way to have my almost 60 year old husband commit to exercise.  I knew (because it's easier to see solutions to other people's problems) that he needed
a partner (me) to be on his way to excellent health.  What I didn't realize was the enormous benefit to me."

~Karen S.: age 58


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