Meet Brian Rurak

Meet Brian Rurak

Brian Rurak is the founder and owner of T3 Fitness, Inc in Newport, RI. 

He is a lifetime resident of Newport County and a two-time graduate
of The University of Rhode Island where he earned his Bachelor of
Science Degree in Physical Education/Health
and his Masters Degree
in Exercise Physiology

From 1990-2000 Brian was a High School Physical Education &
Health Instructor
before following his dream to open a private fitness
studio, which occurred in 2001. 

When you speak with him you will feel his passion for the truth, his
frustration with the fitness and wellness industry and why he wants to help you.  

His roots in education will be evident as he educates and empowers you to take ownership of your current health status which, with your commitment, translates to a continued ownership of your future self health and wellness.

His two main reasons for starting T3 Fitness were: 

1.  He was amazed at how many people he would see exercising, doing the same things over and over, hour after hour and not getting any or very few results or having the dreaded YO-YO effect with their weight and health.

2. The frustration of people using risky or the wrong supplements and being misled processing the wrong information about their exercise program because they may have trusted the wrong person. Or because they are being bombarded by the billion dollar marketing campaigns with all the confusing information from media, magazines and more.

Brian's dedication to bringing you the truth stems from his thirst for the truth.  With over 25 years of educating in the field of health and fitness his extensive education and constant drive for professional development assures you a safe and scientifically supported program.

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