Proper Supplementation

Why Supplement?

 Why Supplement?

There are a variety of reasons to supplement some major ones you will see below. 

These comments correspond to the photo gallery below.

  1. Nutrient Decline: Our food supply isn't giving us what we need to function at our best/highest levels.
  2. If you are going to use a "protein shake" be sure it is a balanced and nutrient rich one that retains your muscle tissue, NOT one that just makes you lose weight.
  3. Does your supplement company have a study actually proving over a 20 year period that their products are effective?  I'll answer that for you: NO. Shaklee is the only company to have this type of study.
  4. Does your company have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee and do over 100 quality tests on any of their products? More than likely not!

Additional Nutrition Information

General Nutrition

General Nutrition

General Nutrition


Whole foods are a great place to start when fueling your body. Unfortunately our foods don't provide all the nutrients we need any longer.  


General Nutrition

General Nutrition


With over 100 years of nature, science and safety, Shaklee is the safest, most bio-available and best choice for a lifestyle company and to plug the holes in your dietary needs.  

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