Success Stories


This is my buddy Jeff.  

He was ready to make the necessary changes of his behaviors and thinking.


With that he has been enjoying his new body ever since!  

55+ lbs gone, 45+ inches gone. 

June-September 2012

T3 "Wall of Fame"

This is my "Wall Of Fame"

A snapshot of what has been accomplished by following a simple program.

Over 200 lbs lost, over 50 inches lost and Type 2 Diabetes wiped out!!


My friend Gwen looked at herself in the mirror one day and said enough is enough!!! 

She committed to a 180º transformation of her body and health. 

37 lbs lighter and counting  as of 1/11/13!!  

Gwen has lost 12" from her waist, has dropped 6 pant sizes so far and has gone from a size 18/20 to a 9/10. 

She is truly committed to her 180º turnaround and is on her way to losing more weight and inches and better  health not just for herself but also her family!! 


Congrats to Jen!!

"The last six months have been an amazing transformation. I have not felt so great about myself in a really LONG time. 

Using the 180 plan has really helped me make a lifestyle change and helped change my whole mentality towards food. 

I just came off of an 8-day cruise where the most amazing food was available to me for free. The food could have easily ended back up on my hips, but now I have the willpower to say no and eat small portions if I do want to treat myself.

I think you can see the new self-confidence in my picture. The old saying goes…Feel like a million bucks. It really feels true right now. 

On our cruise last week, I was not ashamed of wearing shorts."


Jeff's wife Jill is one of my wellness coaches in North Carolina. 

I helped Jill get rid of her chemical induced asthma by introducing her to the Shaklee Get Clean all natural cleaning products. 

She was truly amazed how well the products worked and did not trigger an attack while cleaning her home; she asked more questions.  

I then introduced her to the nutritional products and her energy levels went up and her focus at work got better; she asked more questions.  She said she wanted to help her family and more people. 

So Jill joined my team of wellness coaches and has helped transform her husband and is also helping people with ADD/ADHD by introducing them to a 100% clean Shaklee lifestyle.  


My own transformation.  

Since I started using Shaklee products in 2007, I have honestly have not felt better

Being a scientist, I have always needed
empirical data and information to support my decisions.  Shaklee had all that but I was still skeptical because this was a choice I was making to share with my friends, family and clients. 

So of course I approached every product with skepticism, as most people do, even though again I knew their science and history were unparalleled

I had changed my body in the past using all their nutritional products but I never took any pictures. I even lowered my triglycerides from over 400 to 114

So let the experiment and testimony begin. I decided to let myself go a bit in the summer of 2011 so I could take part in another transformation. It was a risk as I was going to Mexico on October 20th for vacation. 

Success once again as you can see.  In about 7 weeks time I transformed my body and I continue to enjoy the lean and healthy program to stay fit! 

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