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Looking for small group training in Newport? Contact us today for an initial consultation, so we can get you going with T3 Express in Newport.

T3 Express

Established in 2003, T3 Express has been a popular choice, giving you a great alternative to take part in an awesome exercise program loaded with tons of information if you aren't in the position take part in private fitness training.  All ability levels are welcome.  

We do NOT try to jam as many people in a room as possible!!!
I started a small private studio in 2001 for a reason.  By keeping our
group size small, 8-10 max, you still get personalized attention as
you are guided through a multi-station circuit, by one of our fitness
coaches. Essentially you are getting a "personal" training session
at a fraction of the cost.  

  • Does a weight gain of 5, 10, or 20+ pounds seem familiar to you?
  • Do your arms get tired from carrying groceries or doing chores?
  • Is the "Time Factor" a reason you don't exercise?
  • Are you bored with your exercise routine?
  • Are you winded from climbing stairs?

These issues along with many others can be alleviated through a well-balanced exercise program.

T3 Express started in 2003 with several things in mind. Time constraints, wasting time in the gym, ineffective 30 minute programs, financial concerns and lack of support or direction.

The express program is rooted in my philosophy of basic human movement while incorporating those into compound exercises.  Basically moving more body parts at once and
exercising the body as a complete system.  

In turn, you get more "bang for your buck" and your body becomes not only leaner but functions better for you overall.

We will not only challenge you, we will educate you with our program. 

We will guide you to make the needed changes in your lifestyle to help you achieve the goals you want

Additional T3 Fitness Services

Initial Consult

Private Training

Private Training


Create The Blueprint!

This is where we find out more about you and start to develop the blueprint for your program.  We talk about past experiences, successes and failures, nutrition and much more. 

Private Training

Private Training

Private Training


All about YOU!!

Private coaching is for that person who wants the 100% focus on them and may have bigger goals than what can be accomplished in a group setting.  

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